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Develop leadership, teamwork, and social skills that will last a lifetime through participating in one of our 30 sports leagues and tournaments or in one of our club sports teams. Sports are a healthy way to have fun, create memories, and stay active.

Participation Benefits

  • Improve stamina and concentration
  • Experience something new
  • Build new and lasting connections with others
  • Decrease anxiety and stress
  • Improve leadership and teamwork skills
  • Increase confidence
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Campus Recreation Sports: Big Easy Links

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Campus Rec COVID Response Link

Due to Governor Abbott’s Executive Order 36, we are no longer requiring masks in our facilities and programs for patrons or staff. Starting, June 1 we will be moving fitness equipment from the gym back to the fitness floor. Additionally, all sport and open recreation activities will operate as normal before the pandemic. We recommend students, faculty, staff, and visitors who are not vaccinated continue to wear face coverings where physical distancing is not feasible. #StayHealthyLions

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Campus Recreation: Sports Events

Get Involved

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Students playing a basketball game at the Morris Recreation Center.

Intramural Sports


All students, faculty and staff have the opportunity to choose between indoor and outdoor events ranging from single-day tournaments to multi-week league sports. We offer about 40 different sports in a given academic year including racquetball, table tennis, basketball, spikeball, cricket, flag football, soccer and volleyball.

All skill levels are welcomed. Along with having tons of fun, those who participate in Intramural Sports will also develop leadership, teamwork and social skills that can be applied to life outside of the recreation world and will last for a lifetime.

Intramural Sports tab: How To Participate

Step 1: Create an account

Individual and team registrations, game schedules and roster management are all completely online through TAMUC IMLeagues. To play Intramural Sports for the first time, please follow the instructions below.

  • Navigate to or download the TAMUC Rec App powered by IMLeagues on Google Play or the Apple App Store.
  • If asked for school, select Texas A&M University-Commerce which will route you to SSO.
  • Log in via SSO using your university credentials.
  • Complete the required information and create your account.

Step 2: Create or Join a team

Individual and team registrations must be submitted by midnight the last day of registration for that particular event.

To Create a Team:

  • Click your desired sport and league from the options displayed and select “+Create team.”
  • Agree to sport waiver and fill in your team information as prompted. Submit your team.
  • From your team page, invite friends or accept requests from friends to join your team.

To Join a Team:

  • Accept a request from the captain to join their team through email or IMLeagues or find the team and captain name on the division/league page and requesting to join.
  • Go to the captain’s player card page, view their team or request to join.
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Intramural Sports: Inclusive Sports Environment

Sports are designed to be enjoyed by everyone regardless of their race, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, age or physical abilities.


  • Individuals with disabilities may seek reasonable modifications, aids or services to ensure an equal opportunity for them to participate in Intramural Sports unless the modification would fundamentally alter the sport or program.
  • Please notify the Assistant Director of Intramural and Club Sports if you are seeking reasonable accommodation and have a disability that might affect the safety of others.

Gender Identity

  • Participation is based on one’s self-identified gender, which is done in good faith, and is consistent with a player’s expressed gender identity.
  • An individual’s gender identity is applied when there are gender-specific rules or player ratio requirements for co-rec divisions
  • Transgender individuals may play on the team that best matches their self-identification and expressed gender identity and not the sex indicated in official school records.
  • Player eligibility is based on the gender identified on the official IMLeagues team roster.
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Intramural Sports tab: Intramural Sports Eligibility

Eligible Participants

  • Current fee-paying A&M-Commerce undergraduate and graduate students
  • A&M-Commerce faculty and staff. You must have a Campus Recreation membership in order to participate in activities that take place at the MRC

Ineligible Participants

  • A&M-Commerce alumni
  • Contract workers for the university (ie. SSC, Sodexo, construction companies, etc.)
  • Students from other colleges or universities
  • Faculty and staff that do not have a Campus Recreation membership (applies to sports taking place in the confines of the MRC)
  • Spouses and/or life and domestic partners of students, faculty or staff
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Intramural Sports tab: Don't Have a Team

We know it can be challenging to find enough players for a team! If you don’t have a team to join but still want to play, that simply means you’re a free agent. Here are a couple of options for finding a team to play with.

  • Visit and make sure you have created your account.
  • Look for the sport titled “NEED A TEAM? SIGN UP HERE!” Many sports and leagues have already created teams to be solely comprised of free-agent players.
  • Find and click on the sport you wish to play. Continue to follow the prompts at the top of each page before finally joining your new team!
  • You can request to join teams or post information about yourself so teams can request to add you to their team.
  • Please note that requesting to join a team does not instantaneously place you on that team. It is a good practice to reach out to the captain before showing up to a game.
  • You can show as a “Free Agent” in as many divisions within a league as you’d like (use the player-sign up drop-down menu on the top right of every page on IMLeagues).
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TAMUC Rec app on a mobile screen.


Download the official TAMUC Rec App on your app store and register for our programs at the touch of your finger! Powered by IMLeagues, TAMUC Rec lets you sign up for intramural sports and group fitness classes directly from your phone.

Download on the App Store.
Download on the Google Play Store.

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Two fishing club members fishing.

Club Sports

Club Sports

The Club Sports program is designed for any student who has a love of sports and recreation. Club Sport teams are student-based and student-led organizations that operate under the supervision of Campus Recreation and are approved by the Office of Student Organizations. Clubs are not varsity teams and athletic scholarships are not offered.

Some Club Sports have separate men’s and women’s teams, while others are co-ed.

While the Club Sport staff assists clubs in their operations, the emphasis is on student leadership and development. Students are responsible for all aspects of operating and managing a successful organization.

Club Climbing

A member of the Climbing Club climbing indoor wall.

Club Climbing

The Climbing Club competes and maintains membership through the USA Climbing Collegiate Climbing Series. The club travels throughout Texas to many different indoor climbing competitions and competes against other Texas colleges and universities. All skill levels are welcome to join and participate. This past year, two members of the club competed at the National level.

This club also holds records with the Guinness Book of World Records for the Greatest Vertical Distance Climbed on an Artificial Wall and the Fastest Time to Climb the Height of Everest on an Indoor Climbing Wall.

Club Officers

  • President: JD Tebbets
  • Vice-President: Arianna Doss
  • Treasurer: Francesca Bellantuono
  • Secretary: Langston Mardis
  • Social Media: Mainak Dev

Practice Schedule – MRC Climbing Wall

  • Recreational: Mondays from 4-6 p.m.
  • Competitive: Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-9 p.m.

Club Contact

JD Tebbets [email protected]

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Club Fishing

Two students on a boat fishing.

Club Fishing

This club participates in competitions locally, regionally and nationally, but is primarily an outlet for students to take recreational fishing trips as a group. All skill levels are encouraged to join.

Club Officers

  • President: Dawson Cassidy
  • Vice President: Tristan White
  • Treasurer: Iain McClelland

Club Contact

Dawson Cassidy [email protected]


$75 semester

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Women's Club Volleyball

Member of the Women's volleyball club smiling at the camera in front of a table holding a volleyball.

Women’s Club Volleyball

The women’s club volleyball team is not an active club sport, but we are looking for students to lead and organize this club team which would include recruiting players, organizing weekly practices, club management, and organizing competitions.

Club Contact

Katie Thomas

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Club Table Tennis

Member of the table tennis club smiling at the camera holding a Ping-Pong racket.

Club Table Tennis

New to Club Sports in 2020-2021, the Club Table Tennis team offers both recreational opportunities for those that wish to compete against others on campus, as well as competitive opportunities for those that wish to compete against other schools and universities.

By being a member of this club, you will have the opportunity to learn beginner and advanced table tennis techniques. This club is designed to help table tennis athletes improve their game and will offer the opportunity to improve and compete at a higher level. Contact us to get more information about our club.

Club Contact

Hayden Chrisman [email protected]

Club Officers

  • President: Hayden Chrisman
  • Vice-President: Jacob Harris
  • Treasurer: Rikesh Shrestha
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How do club sports differ from intramural sport programs?

Intramural Sports provide an opportunity for students, faculty, staff, and other members of the University community to participate in team and individual sports against other TAMUC teams or opponents. The purpose of Intramural Sports is to provide exercise, recreation, and fun to all levels of participants. The biggest differences are that Club Sports travel to other colleges and universities to compete and schedule their own practices, games, and tournaments.

How do club sports differ from varsity sport programs?

Club Sports are not scholarship-based. Club officers are responsible for their own administration and for many of their own expenses. Unlike varsity sports, students manage their respective clubs in all aspects: recruitment, fundraising, scheduling, purchasing, etc.

Classifications of Club Sports Teams


Recreational clubs hold practices and meetings, but compete on a lower scale than regional or national levels. Recreational clubs are great for uniting students who share a common interest in a certain sport. Recreational clubs are NOT required to charge dues, but may if needed, and will still have all privileges of a recognized student organization such as the ability to reserve facility space and host practice.


Competitive clubs practice and compete on a regular basis against opposing university teams. Club members of a competitive club team are skilled players who seek to compete at a high level of competition. Tournaments allow members of a club to travel, meet students from other schools, and be involved in sports competitions. Competitive clubs are required to charge dues, in order to participate on a competitive level.

Can I start a Club Sports Team?

Yes, here is the process:

All clubs must register with the Office of Student Organizations in order to become a Club Sport. Student Organizations must follow the process as set forth by Student Organizations (Student Organizations: Starting a New Organization).

Once a club has registered with Student Organizations, a meeting must be set-up with the Assistant Director of Intramural & Club Sports. The club must provide the following upon this meeting:

  1. Constitution: This document is the foundation of the club’s operations. It should clearly list the purpose, membership, organization structure (officers and advisors), election processes, rules and regulations, and funding sources for the club.
  2. Roster: Student Organizations require a minimum of six members for each club. Some clubs may have a higher minimum due to the nature of the activity (ie: softball, soccer, etc.). Clubs that have a higher minimum number of participants will be required to meet the minimum before becoming a club sport.

Approval and acceptance into the club sports program happen on a semester basis. Clubs must be established as a registered student organization and must have met all of the requirements for Starting a New Club Sport as listed above. Once approved, the club will become an active club sport for the following semester and will be eligible to start receiving funding.

After becoming an official club sport, clubs must follow the guidelines set forth in the Club Sport Participant Guide to maintain their club sport status.

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Campus Rec Sports Team

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