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The Outdoor Adventure program (OA) seeks to provide superior adventure and educational opportunities promoting active lifestyles, appreciation for the natural environment, and personal development. We seek to Inspire people through outdoor experiences, encourage groups to Discover new things, and challenge individuals to Grow.

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The climbing facility is the most visible part of the Outdoor Adventure Program. The Climbing Wall, soaring at 45 feet tall, offers a variety of climbing opportunities for the novice as well as the experienced climber. We also have a new bouldering wall that gives more variety to both beginning and advanced climbers.

We have quality climbing gear, brand new harnesses, a clear view of the outdoors, and a well-trained and enthusiastic staff that can’t wait to see you; come climb with us TODAY!

Please fill out our Waiver Release Form

A parent or guardian must sign your waiver if you are under 18.


Fall & SpringSummer & Break
Mon-Thurs: 2:00 PM-9:00 PMMon-Fri: 1:00 PM-6:00 PM
Fri: 2:00 PM-8:00 PMSat-Sun: 1:00 PM-6:00 PM
Sat: 1:00 PM-6:00 PM
Sun: 1:00 PM-6:00 PM
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Outdoor Adventure’s Challenge Course offers adventure-based learning opportunities to enhance leadership, decision-making, and communication skills through an interactive process for groups to develop as a team. This hands-on approach is designed to help individuals learn from their interaction with others and then apply those principles to their life situations.
For more information about our Challenge Course please visit our Website.

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We have a full 18 hole disc golf course located at the Outdoor Adventure Center! Our course features a mixture of long-open fairways to short-technical holes, and it weaves through a thick forest surrounding the challenge course. The course has 36 concrete tee pads, and 36 basket positions that are rotated monthly. The fairways are well maintained and open to the public to play or walk.

We host two professionally sanctioned tournaments each year. For any information on events, feel free to ask any of the employees in the gear center. We also sell PDGA approved golf discs inside the gear center, and we have a limited number of discs available for students to rent for free.

Here is a map of the course, and a map on Google.

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The bike trail is located on the south side of Culver, just west of Cain Sports Complex.

The trail is a 5 mile circuit comprised of four different loops. The trail has been professionally designed for both bicycle and pedestrian traffic. It loops around a pond and continues along a dirt trail through a variety of woods and fields. The trail provides exciting fitness opportunities away from busy streets as well as relaxing opportunities for walks along wooded paths. It is home to a variety of wildlife that enriches the experience.

The trail is open to the public from 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM. If the trail is closed due to inclement weather or muddy conditions, the front gate will be locked. You can find if the trail is currently closed by checking the Outdoor Adventure Facebook page. The Outdoor Adventure Center offers rental bikes, clinics and group rides to help develop good mountain biking skills and connect groups of bikers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the trail located?

The trail is located on the south side of Culver, just west of Cain Sports Complex.

Google Map

Campus Map

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When is the trail open?

Trail hours are 5:00am-10:00pm.

We also close the trail when it is too wet or muddy for use. Our trail is in a low lying flood plain and has clay-based soil. This can lead to some significant time of trail closure while the trail dries out, especially in the winter months. We love using the trail and get it open as quickly as possible, but we close it to protect the trail for future users. If the trail gets footprints and bike tire tracks in it while it is wet it will lead to significant erosion issues and cause lasting damage.

Trail status updates can be found on our Facebook page as well as Mountain Bike Project.

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Is the trail only for biking?

The trail has been professionally designed for both bicycle and pedestrian traffic. Many people use the trail as a place to walk and jog away from busy streets. No motorized vehicle or equine use is allowed on the trail.

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Is a waiver required to use the trail?

All trail users must have a signed waiver on file. Once the waiver is filled out one time it does not need to be filled out again. There are blank waivers at the kiosk at the trail head and a mail box to put the completed waivers in. You can also fill out a waiver at the Outdoor Adventure Center.

In addition to completing the waiver once, we do ask trail users to sign in at the kiosk each time they use the trail.

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How long is the trail?

The entire trail is 5 miles. The distances of each loop are approximately:

  • Field Loop- 2 miles (Green)
  • Creek Loop- 1.3 miles (White)
  • Inner Loop- .7 miles (Red)
  • Main Loop- 1 mile (Blue)
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Are bike rentals available?

We rent mountain bikes at the Outdoor Adventure Center (located across the street from the trail) Monday-Friday 1pm-7pm. The bikes are free to rent out for day use on our trail.

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Our gear center is here to help you with whatever you need to get outdoors. We have tents, camp stoves, sleeping bags, backpacks, kayak and canoe rentals, and a full service bike shop. Whether your bike has a flat tire, or needs a tune-up our mechanics can fix it for you. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you with anything, even if it’s just some friendly advice.



Camping EquipmentDay RentalWeekend rentalWeek Rental
Tent (2 Person)$6$12$24
Tent (3 Person)$7$14$28
Tent (4 Person)$10$20$40
Tent (5 Person)$12$24$48
Sleeping Bag$4$8$16
Sleeping Sack & PadFree w/ sleeping bagFree w/ sleeping bagFree w/ sleeping bag
Back Pack$8$16$30
Stove (2 Burner)$5$10$20
Mess Kit$3$6$9
Hiking Poles$5$10$15
Boats & Equipment
Kayak (Single)$12$25$50
Kayak (Tandem)$15$30$60
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