Bridge Builders

At Texas A&M University-Commerce, giving back in big and small ways is a way of life on campus-especially for the 48 percent of faculty and staff that are proud to call themselves Bridge Builders.

For Michael Taylor, assistant custodial supervisor, choosing to be a Bridge Builder was a way for him to express how much he loves A&M-Commerce.

“There are many reasons why I am a Bridge Builder,” Taylor said. “The number one reason is that I believe in this college, and I love the people that inhabit this campus. Bridge Builders are a part of that; the money that I and other Bridge Builders donate helps this university build and grow into a great place.”

Bridge Builders are faculty and staff who commit themselves financially to making A&M-Commerce a strong and vibrant institution. Through their generosity, A&M-Commerce faculty and staff provide students with a wide range of scholarships and programs.