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We have created two resources to help you deliver on our brand in a consistent, distinctive and compelling way. The quick guide is meant to cover the most common topics of our brand such as logos, university nomenclature, fonts, color palette and more. The comprehensive guide includes the same information, but goes in-depth into those and other areas of our brand such personality, additional logos, design assets, logo use examples, web guidelines and more.




One of the most powerful elements in communicating our brand is our logo. Recognizing that, we want to provide a variety of options that fit within a system. This creates a consistent look while also allowing for flexibility in the orientation, size, color and presentation of our name that may be needed in a range of applications. Please refer to the brand guidelines for instructions on how to use our logos.

Which version should I choose?

  • Stacked Full Name: most versatile; works for a variety of situations and audiences
  • One-line A&M-Commerce: great for applications where space is thin and long, such as pens and banners
  • Horizontal TAMUC: best for informal uses such as student organizations
  • One-line Full Name: great for applications where space is thin and long, such as pens and banners
  • Vertical A&M-Commerce: most versatile; works for a variety of situations and audiences
  • Vertical TAMUC: best for informal uses such as student organizations

Which color should I choose?

  • Use the two-color version whenever possible.
  • Choose the version that creates the most contrast between the background and the logo.
  • The lion head should always be lighter than its background.
  • Printing in CMYK: Use the two-color CMYK version.
  • Printing in black and white: Use the one-color version in black or white depending on the background color.
  • Limited budget: Use the one-color PMS logo.

Stacked Full Name

One Line Full Name

Horizontal A&M-Commerce

Vertical A&M-Commerce

Horizontal TAMUC

Vertical TAMUC

Lion Head

The A&M-Commerce name and logos may only be used:

  • In affiliation with official university programs, groups and organizations
  • For university-approved activities
  • In association with content that aligns with the university’s values. References to drugs, alcohol and other inappropriate content are not permitted.
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The brand toolkit is a collection of design assets that help to create a unified look for the university and aid in brand recognition.


Typography is an expression of our brand personality and can affect the context of our communications. The typefaces chosen to represent A&M-Commerce are functional, bold and confident. Follow these guidelines when using them:

  • Headline fonts can be used in publications for primary titles, headlines and subheads. If you choose a bold headline weight, balance it out with a subhead in a lighter weight and vice versa.
  • Decorative fonts should be using sparingly and are for accent use only. They should not be used on sentences, long phrases, headlines or subheads.
  • Body fonts are used for the main copy of a publication. This can include bullets, paragraphs and other detailed information.

Headline fonts

Decorative fonts

Body fonts

Color Palette


People recognize great brands by their color as much as their name. The university’s colors—blue and gold—have been a part of its history and visual identity for generations. These colors should be used thoughtfully in marketing materials to create a consistent and distinctive visual voice.

Social Media Icons


Colors may be altered within the color palette.

Bullet Style


Best used as a larger bullet. Colors may be altered within the color palette.

Bulleted Numbers


Bulleted numbers may be created using circles and brand fonts such as Din. CombiNumerals font is an all-in-one option that works well at small sizes.

Buy CombiNumerals

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Social Media Avatars

When creating avatars, we recommend using the following Photoshop templates. If you choose not to use this template, follow all logo use guidelines outlined in the brand guidelines. Only the main TAMUC and athletic channels should use the lion head by itself.

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 9.32.51 AM

Email Signatures

We’ve designed a template that creates a more consistent university-wide email presence while also allowing individuals to customize the amount of information they include. Keep in mind the best practices mentioned in the comprehensive brand standards while deciding what you should include.

Brand Guidelines

Powerpoint Template

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