Beloved Alma Mater

Inspired by her time at A&M-Commerce, Ms. Dona Julian Cassel, set to work on a poetic tribute to her alma mater. Cassel, who has a B.S. in elementary education (1967) and a M.A in English (1971), is a retired educator. She currently resides in Pittsburg, Texas and is active with the East Texas Medical Center and Northeast Texas Community College.

Beloved Alma Mater

by Dona Julian Cassel
B.S. 1967, M.S. 1971

When the winds of change blew ’cross this campus
New college names would not stop our lion’s Pride.
’Twas felt from Mayo’s grave and beyond Gee Lake
Our circle of life—taken in stride.

The revered lion statue still stands guard
From old “ET” to new “A&M.”
Alumni choruses echo with the breeze
“Hail to thee” sung from the alma mater hymn.

Recent lions stand sentry throughout these hallowed grounds.
Legacies are passed as students hurry by
From the planetarium to the grand music hall
“Lighting stars above and lifting voices high.”

Now—only gentle winds caress our lion’s mane
His stately pose reflects this school’s story
As students continue to change the world
They close the circle of life and honor his glory.