Author Pat Carr: Workshop on Getting Published

“I write to get published. I don’t write for pleasure,” author Pat Carr told a group of faculty members and students at The Mayo Review’s annual writing workshop coinciding with the launch of the journal.

Having written more than a dozen books and over 100 shorter works, Carr was not emphasizing the joylessness of writing. Instead, she challenged the workshop attendees to consider the business of writing as something that is done with an audience in mind. Carr led the group of writers in creating the bones of a publishable story—one that they could possibly send to each of the publications on the list Carr provided to them at the end of the workshop.

“The story you begin today, you will be able to publish,” Carr said. “If you want to get published, you have to send out your work.” Every year the editor of The Mayo Review invites one or two writers to read their work during the launch party for the literary journal. Invited authors also present creative writing workshops and contribute work for the journal. To find out more about The Mayo Review, log on to or search for it on Facebook.

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