Associate Professor of History Featured on Fox 7 in Austin

Associate Professor of History Dr. Jessica Brannon-Wranosky was featured on Fox 7 in Austin for her work as the project director for the free eBook, “Women in Texas History.”

“The importance of women’s contributions to the State of Texas has been and continues to be a significant part of its cultural narrative,” said Brannon-Wranosky. “Through the inspiring stories of prominent Texas women, this publication provides an important overview of the racial and ethnic diversity, different socio-economic designations, and varying regional identities that makes Texas history so rich and dynamic.”

The eBook highlights often forgotten women who held integral roles in the history of the state including Angelina, the First Nation Indian woman guide and interpreter; Tamar Morgan who was a free woman, former slave and landowner; and Ellen Lawson Dabbs, a physician inventor and early women’s voting rights activist.

“Women in Texas History” is just a part of a series of free eBooks released by the “Handbook of Texas.”

To watch the full interview and for a download of the eBook, visit: