University On Multiple Lists For Exceptional Graduate Programs

Texas A&M University-Commerce has been ranked in many categories on, including No. 23 in the Top 25 Best Counseling Education Graduate Programs list, No. 6 in the Top 25 Library Science Degree Online Graduate Programs list, and No. 2 in the Top 25 Online Elementary Education Graduate Programs list.

A&M-Commerce’s MED/MS in Counseling prepares students for positions in community agencies, schools, and student affairs in higher education. A&M-Commerce is ranked at 7.78 compared to the school in first, Old Dominion University, at 9.42.

“While we come in at No. 23 overall, we are first among Counselor Education programs in Texas, and there are over 50,” said Robinson. “This is indeed an honor. Other reviews rank programs on library holdings, financial aid offered, amount of endowment, etcetera. But, for my money, who wouldn’t want to attend a program where the students and alums collectively say, ‘it’s the best!’?”

A&M-Commerce offers several options to prepare someone to become a certified School Librarian. Although an MLS is not offered, A&M-Commerce has a state-recognized School Librarian Certification program. Teachers who already possess a master’s degree in another field, like reading, curriculum and instruction, or secondary education, can complete the School Librarian Certification program, including six courses and a practicum. For those teachers that do not already have a master’s degree, the program has coupled the core coursework required for the master’s degree in Educational Technology with the coursework and practicum required for School Librarian Certification to create the Master’s in Educational Technology Library Science. A&M-Commerce was rated at 8.77, compared to the school in first, University of Arizona, at 9.57.

“Most of our teachers (that is, the teachers who are students in this program) find it to be ‘the best of both worlds,’ as it prepares them to design digital age learning experiences for both the classrooms and the libraries at their schools,” said MaryJo Dondlinger, coordinator of the Ed Tech Library Science Program.

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction in the College of Education and Human Services offers several online programs that are similar to the “Elementary Education” distinction. There is a Master’s in Early Childhood Education, a Secondary Education Masters, Reading Masters, Curriculum and Instruction Masters, and certifications for Alternative Certification, Bilingual Education or ESL, and Gifted and Talented.

“The No. 2 ranking from is in line with other evidence that the C&I Department’s online graduate programs are fulfilling our goal of providing relevant education, and doing so in a way that is providing the connection and community needed to support students through the process and to completion of their degree,” said Dr. Martha Foote, professor and head of the department of curriculum and instruction.

Program rankings were compiled with data between September 1, 2012 and September 20, 2015. The data came from over 75,000 reviews from students participating in over 1,600 graduate programs around the country. The ratings are based on a 10 star system, with 10 being the best. reaches current and recent graduate students through both scholarship entries and social media platforms. It assigns 15 different ranking categories to each graduate program at each graduate school. The rankings are determined by calculating the average score for each program based on the ranking categories, which are then compared across all ranked schools for that program and translated into a final ranking for that graduate program. Each graduate program is not ranked until a minimum amount of graduate student surveys are completed for that program.

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