April Fools'! A&M-Commerce Offering Study Abroad Trips to Mars

Starting today, Texas A&M University-Commerce will be offering students the opportunity to study abroad on Mars. Scholarships will be available to students who hold 4.0 GPAs and who have an interest in physics. Students who are interested…

Okay, okay. Maybe not…April Fools’!

But we do offer many more study abroad programs that you may be interested in. Perhaps you’d like to travel to London for British Studies or Madrid to study the Spanish language? We invite you to explore the world with us to transform your academic career into a global experience that will broaden your awareness while preparing you for competition in the international marketplace.

While we can’t fund your space adventure just yet, scholarships are available to make your international travel easier. Visit the Joe B. Hinton Office of International Studies to learn more about all of the opportunities!

Click here to go over to the Joe B. Hinton Office of International Studies website and choose your destination or call 903-468-6034.