University Holds National Association of Schools of Art and Design Accreditation

Texas A&M University-Commerce is an accredited associate member of the National Association of Schools of Art (NASAD), an organization that ensures that the Department of Art maintains high academic and institutional standards.

“Accreditation from the National Association of Schools of Art and Design ensures that our art programs and university are meeting the high academic and institutional standards of the association,” Head of the Department of Art Dr. William Wadley said. “These standards apply to the academic credentials of our faculty, the safety and currency of our studio and lab facilities, the strength and relevance of our art curriculum, and the tools of assessment we use to measure the effectiveness of our programs.”

According to NASAD, approximately 346 institutions are accredited members of the organization. To acquire membership, institutions must proceed through a peer review process and meet the curriculum standards set by NASAD as well as maintain a significant portion of all other association standards. Associate membership is valid for up to five years. When associate membership ends, institutions are required to fulfill the criteria for membership in NASAD.

“In order to maintain and renew our accreditation from NASAD, we must undergo periodic reviews that look thoroughly at all aspects of the Department of Art, as well as the support it receives from university administration,” said Wadley. “Moreover, accreditation from NASAD means that our art programs uphold the same fundamental standards as art schools with higher name recognition.”

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