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We believe the best learning experiences are built on three things: a commitment to academic excellence, strong personal relationships and the pursuit of a shared purpose.

Simply put, it makes living and learning here feel like a private school experience at a public school cost. Each of our colleges and schools offers distinctive programs and pathways to a rewarding life after college. Our students come to campus with a will to succeed and leave transformed and ready to pursue lives of purpose and meaning.

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of our faculty and staff are A&M-Commerce alumni.

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of undergraduate classes have 50 students or more.

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of undergraduate classes have less than 20 students.

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Study Abroad

Study Abroad

We believe in the value of an immersive international experience.

Not only do we offer an education that enables you to succeed in an increasingly global world, we’ll help you see the world for yourself.

Enhancing your education by studying abroad is more than an adventure; it is quickly becoming the measuring stick by which prospective employers gauge the ability of job applicants to function in a multicultural, professional world. Study abroad experiences have become an indispensable “soft skill” that strengthens resumes and increases job marketability.

Leadership Without Limits

Leadership Without Limits is a unique study abroad opportunity that will help develop your understanding of leadership in a global context. The program will challenge you to examine your own perspective by learning from peers and the cultures to which you will be exposed.

Global Scholars

Determined to make the most of college and refine your job skills? Participate in globally focused coursework, events and research for an opportunity to be recognized as a Global Scholar. Award includes distinction at graduation plus study abroad scholarships.

Global Study

Programs include 10 to 14-day faculty-led programs, individually crafted experiences and full academic programs. Studying abroad will allow you to develop a global perspective of different cultures through exposure, experience, education, social structures and economic systems.

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Resources you can depend on

Resources you can depend on

Sure, college can be challenging, even a little scary, at first.

Don’t sweat it. We have your back!

Success Coaches are assigned directly to each first-time undergraduate student and some transfer students. Your personal success coach is your advisor and cheerleader, willing to help you transition to college life and provide academic, financial, personal and career counseling.

Student Disability Resources & Services offers accommodations counseling, disability-related resources, access to adaptive technology, assistive equipment and academic/non-academic accommodations for students with disabilities. Accessibility for all students is a priority at A&M-Commerce.

Tutor Using Learning Aids To Help Student With Dyslexia


When you attend A&M-Commerce, you are not alone. We care about your success and have the resources to ensure that you thrive!

The Math Skills Center is designed to assist students enrolled in developmental math through Calculus I and higher. Students have access to textbooks, calculators and computers.

Joint Admission Medical Program is a mouthful, so just call us the JAMP Room. Come in to get help with biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, physics or other sciences. is available 24/7. Students may receive four hours of one-on-one online tutoring per semester in math, science, social studies and English.

The Writing Center assists students at all levels and at all stages of the process, from brainstorming to polishing a final draft. It’s also a space for collaboration, community writing and multimedia projects.

Walk-in Tutoring is available for those who don’t have time to make an appointment. Walk into Velma K. Waters Library for help with a variety of subjects.

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