A True Believer

Stan McKee, Senior Manager of Customer Relations for Oncor and member of the board of directors for the Community Health Service Agency, Inc. of Hunt County, is not only the incoming president of the Alumni Board, he’s also a tried-and-true believer in the power of Texas A&M University-Commerce to transform lives and establish careers. He has good reason to be filled with university spirit, as he is surrounded by approximately 125 fellow alumni currently employed by Oncor. He’s also part of a distinguished legacy of professionals from the utility industry, including Garland Button and Thomas Blakey, who graduated from East Texas State Teachers College.
“Tom Blakey was VP of Operations and gave me an opportunity to go into my first management position around 1981. Mr. Blakey retired some years later and has since passed away, but we maintained a strong relationship throughout the years he was here. He looked over my shoulder and gave me great advice in helping me develop my career, and I have nothing but the greatest love and admiration for Tom Blakey.”
Through Blakey’s superb mentorship and the education he gained in Commerce, McKee has led an illustrious career including management positions over a variety of Oncor’s divisions and in multiple locations. It was professors like Dr. Dayle Yeager, Professor Emeritus of Engineering and Technology, who played a key role in McKee’s early successes in college.
“Dr. Yeager was head of my department then and he encouraged me to stay in school because I was thinking of leaving. He supported me and introduced me to the folks at Mach 3 [a former student service] who offered me additional support. I’ve told young students, ‘You’re going to find a level of support at A&M-Commerce that is unparalleled to anywhere else you’ll go.’”
In the spirit of giving back, McKee has taken those formative mentee experiences in the university and industry to heart and become a mentor in his own right.

“Through the years we’ve had mentoring programs. I’ve been fortunate enough to mentor several young men and women to be in a management roles here at Oncor. At least two of those individuals were A&M-Commerce grads. They’ve done very well, they’ve moved on, and achieved higher levels of opportunity within the company. They have nothing but a bright future ahead of them, and I’ve been very proud of my association with those mentees.”
McKee has thrown himself wholeheartedly into giving back to the university alongside his devotion to his career. He has spoken to classes and shared his knowledge through practical application teaching. He has served as an Alumni Ambassador and member of the Foundation Board as well as four years of service as a member of the Alumni Board. As he undertakes the presidency of that board, he is gathering input from the 35 members as he anticipates their future goals.
“They really want to see the name of the university pushed forward, and they’re really dedicated to making that happen. They’re also dedicated to making sure that the campus is noted as a pristine campus and a good location for students to receive a quality education. And they’re very proud of the diversity represented by the university.”
Stan McKee continues to build relationships and make connections with A&M-Commerce grads every day. His dedication to the university is endless and a true inspiration to all he touches.
“A&M-Commerce alumni are dedicated, hardworking folks. This company is made up of grads from a lot of different universities, but you’ll see a certain amount of pride and distinction that the A&M-Commerce grad carries. We have a kindred spirit connection with each other, keep up with each other, and support each other.”