A Message About Student Accounts

Please check your MyLeo email and/or personal email today to make certain you have not received messages from the Registrar’s Office. Schedules will be dropped at 5:00 today, but, if for some reason, you cannot clear your account today, you can pay $200 to be reinstated tomorrow. If you meet one of the following criteria, you will not be dropped:

  1. Be paid in full

OR) 2. Be enrolled in the installment payment plan through LeoPay (even if you have made a significant payment, you must be paid in full or on installments)

OR) 3. Take out a short-term tuition loan through the Student Accounts Office

If you have received notices, PLEASE SETTLE YOUR payment as soon as possible through one of the options below via your myLeo, or contact one of the offices/emails at the bottom of this e-mail:

Two readily available payment options are:

  1. Installment payment plan

Requires a minimum down payment of $100 plus a $35 installment fee at signup. Remaining charges are then divided into 4 equal payments that will be due during the semester.

To enroll in the plan:

Please log into your myLEO and under LeoPay please select: Enroll in a payment plan to pay your balance in installments (If you have problems, please contact student accounts at one of the numbers at the bottom of this e-mail.)

  1. Short-term tuition loan

Short-term tuition loans are offered through the Student Accounts Office and allow students to defer payment of tuition and fees until March at which time payment is due in full and have a $35 processing fee. Students must be in good standing and loans are limited to one per semester.

Please go to the webpage at http://www.tamuc.edu/admissions/tuitionCosts/bursar/tuitionEmergencyLoan.aspx for more information. A link to step by step instructions for enrollment is provided on that webpage or you can go directly to that information at http://www.tamuc.edu/admissions/tuitionCosts/bursar/documents/enroll_tuition_loan.pdf.

Tuition loan enrollment can also be done at our payment windows in the McDowell Administration Building or at the One Stop Shop. We are also available to help through email at [email protected] or by phone at 903-886-5050.

  1. Payments can be made online through myLEO, or paid at the off-campus sites (Navarro, Mesquite).
  2. IMPORTANT: Students enrolled in less than 6 hours do not qualify for financial aid. If you wish to remain enrolled, please make payment arrangements as soon as possible.

Student Accounts Office: Students needing assistance with payments are urged to call 903-886-5501 OR 5050 OR 5051 OR 5201 or send an email [email protected] . Additional Payment Information and Methods are available at: http://web.tamuc.edu/admissions/registrar/paymentMethods.aspx.

Registrar’s Office: If you do not wish to be enrolled for the spring semester, please complete a withdrawal form and submit to the Registrar’s Office: http://web.tamuc.edu/admissions/registrar/documents/WithdrawalForm.pdf.