A Cultural Contingency

by Savannah Christian

James Yznaga, Class of 2012

Honors College student James Yznaga spent the fall semester studying abroad in South Korea, learning not only classroom curriculum but the cultural experiences Handong Global University had to offer as well.

“Studying abroad in South Korea was one of the best things I could have done in college,” Yznaga said. “It taught me how different Korean culture is from Western culture.”

While Yznaga spent most of his days in university classrooms, he also was given the freedom to experience Korea as a traveler instead of as a student. His semester activities included opportunities to attend Chuseok, the Korean harvest festival, explore Jeju Island and backpack through Busan where he visited the traditional Korean bath houses.

“The experience was something you can’t replicate here in America,” he said. “By studying abroad, I learned just how small the world really is.”