Pre-Collegiate Programs Awarded Grant Renewals

Texas A&M University-Commerce’s TRIO pre-collegiate programs, “I AM SOMEBODY” and “I BELIEVE,” were recently awarded grant renewals through 2022. The programs serve more than 150 local high school students.

“The TRIO Community is extremely excited about the opportunities the Federal Grants will afford first-generation college students who are pursuing their lifelong dreams of obtaining a bachelor’s degree,” said Veronica Reed, TRIO Programs Director.

The TRIO Programs, which include Upward Bound, are federal outreach and services programs designed to help low-income and first-generation college students, and people with disabilities, enter and succeed in college. The TRIO Programs provide academic services starting with individuals in middle school through higher education.

During the academic year and summer, students are offered a variety of services: academic counseling, weekly tutoring, college visits, internships and career planning.

“While access to higher education is available to many students, our first-generation college students are still faced with financial constraints that impede upon their ability to be successful in completing college; therefore, it is important that our TRIO-Upward Bound Programs continue to be the bridge that provide the necessary resources for success,” said Reed.